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10 Reasons Why You Should Get Acupuncture in Alachua County, Fl

Originated in China, acupuncture involves the process of using fine needles at certain points on the body to treat health problems. According to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, the human body has thousands of acupuncture points connected by pathways called meridians which creates an energy flow known as qi (pronounced “chee”). Stimulating these points can affect the flow of energy in the body causing relief and comfort. 

Today, acupuncture is being widely used as a form of alternative treatment to relieve pain and improve general health including stress and anxiety. If you are considering acupuncture for the first time, here a list (not exhausted) of the benefits of getting acupuncture treatment in Alachua County that may convince you to book your next appointment: 

1. Reduce stress 

One of the reasons why people seek acupuncture treatment is to alleviate stress and anxiety. Acupuncture works to relieve pain or stress by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killer chemicals. 

2. Decrease back and neck pain 

Neck and back pain are common issues among working professionals due to bad posture and muscle strain. Acupuncture for back pain can help you reduce inflammation and improve blood flow through your body. Studies and evidence have also suggested that acupuncture for neck pain may be effective. 

3. Relief from migraines 

For people with migraines, acupuncture appears to be very helpful. In a study, 50% of patients receiving acupuncture treatment say they reduced their reliance on painkillers. Evidence shows that people who use acupuncture along with other treatments may help prevent migraine attacks or decrease occurrences. 

4. Increase sleep quality 

Studies are finding acupuncture to be an effective treatment for improving insomnia symptoms, sleep efficiency, and total sleep time. Patients with insomnia showed significant improvement after receiving acupuncture treatment compared to having no treatments or medications. 

acupuncture in Alachua County for insomnia

5. Release tight muscles 

Many things can cause muscle pain including tension, stress, overuse, and minor injury. When performing acupuncture for muscle pain, acupuncturists find the tightest muscle causing discomfort and use a needle to poke the muscle forcing it to contract. The trigger point then releases, allowing the muscle to soften which eventually relieves patients associated pain. 

6. Strengthen immune system 

Acupuncture has a unique way of boosting the immune system. By doing acupressure, it regulates the immune response system which improves your cells’ ability to “communicate” with one another and therefore speeds up the healing process in the body. 

7. Improve digestion 

Traditional Chinese Medicine is just one of the many ways people in the United States can deal with their digestive disorders. Research shows that acupuncture helps with digestion by triggering points in the body that bring balance back to the digestive system. 

8. Lessen cigarette craving 

Acupuncture treatment slows down the body’s stress response, which can help reduce cravings from nicotine, alleviate physical withdrawal symptoms, and relieve feelings of anxiety. Like any other treatments, acupuncture works best when combined with other anti-smoking techniques such as counseling, healthy lifestyle, and discipline. 

9. Reduce sick days 

For some people, acupuncture works relatively quickly for morning sickness. Putting pressure on different acupoints can help with nausea and vomiting, prevent colds, and relieve debilitating symptoms that keep you feeling miserable and away from work. 

10. No negative side effects 

Multiple studies demonstrate that acupuncture is both safe and effective, with no negative side effects to the patient. The risk of acupuncture is also low if you seek a competent, trusted, and licensed acupuncturist.

acupuncture gainesville, Alachua County is

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With the long history of acupuncture, studies and evidence have repeatedly shown acupuncture treatment to be safe and beneficial to people so long as you are seeing a licensed acupuncturist. Visit our world-class Gainesville acupuncture clinic and schedule your first appointment today!

You can rest easy knowing you are treated by an acupuncturist who has extensive knowledge in the practice of Chinese medicine in Gainesville, and physical therapy. Our world-class acupuncturist and physical therapy expert, Dr. Weiwei Guan, has served the Alachua County community since 2011 and has treated thousands of patients with various conditions.

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