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4 Ways That Physical Therapy Helps Athletes

Professional or varsity-level athletes who train and participate in games regularly put immense strain on their body because of the demand in physical activities. These impact their joints and muscles, which also affects their agility, speed, strength and overall performance as an athlete.

While doing regular physical activities can be good for their health and fitness, it doesn’t always lead to beneficial results. Sometimes, too much training and impact on the body can actually hamper the performance and fitness goals of athletes, thus they could benefit from undergoing physical therapy. 

Here are four ways physical therapy can help if you’re an athlete. 

1. Physical therapy can help prevent injuries. 

A study in the Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy cited the prevalence of injuries among athletes due to overtraining and incorrect techniques. This research highlighted the importance of working with a physical therapist to help athletes determine their body’s weak spots or areas that will most likely be injured with either the wrong movements or too much impact. 

Our qualified physical therapist in Guan Physical Therapy, Gainesville can come up with muscle strengthening exercises for the athlete’s weak spots, as well as the right nutritional diet to boost the body’s immunity from pain and muscle weakness. We also educate the athlete on how to move during a game or training in ways that will bring less impact on the body’s weak spots.

2. Physical therapy can maximize the body’s mobility.

With proper training and help from a physical therapist, an athlete would be able to maximize their range of motion. In due time, they would be able to run faster, jump higher or bend without any difficulty through the guidance of the specialist in our physiotherapist clinic in Gainesville

An athlete who can increase their range of motion through physical therapy can also achieve more power and endurance in their performance. They will be able to move with more coordination and efficiency, while also learning how to avoid injuries. Thus, they become a better player and can contribute more to their team. 

3. Physical therapy is a stress buster. 

Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, can help lower the body’s stress levels by as much as 78 percent, per a study in the journal Sports Medicine. There are massage techniques that a good physical therapist can apply, which could help stimulate and activate the nerves to balance the body’s dopamine or serotonin levels.

These massages help the athlete’s body relax faster after a tough game or training session. And as the athlete’s body experiences stress relief, they can also have mental clarity that will help calm their mind and focus on the game. 

4. Physical therapy enables recovery from injuries faster. 

An athlete who has to be sidelined with a broken leg or shoulder can heal and recover faster with regular sessions in Guan Physical Therapy, Gainesville. It’s also possible for an athlete to get back in good shape without medication or even surgery if the physical therapist can provide the right guidance on how to move and take care of the body to promote healing. 

However, it goes without saying that physical therapy requires the specialist to properly understand what the athlete’s body needs. There is no sole technique or program that works for all since every athlete’s body and health condition is unique.

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If you are an athlete or someone in need of physical therapy services, you might benefit from the expertise of Dr. Weiwei Guan. Guan Physical Therapy and Acupuncture clinic provides orthopedic and geriatric physical therapy as well as decongestive therapy for its patients. With a conducive environment, trained staff, and state-of-the-art equipment, you are in good hands.

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  1. It’s good to know that physical therapy can reduce stress by up to 78%. My son is trying to recover from tearing his ACL while playing soccer, and it has been really hard on him mentally. I think it would be good to start looking into physical therapy that he could go to both so he could get stronger physically, and so he could feel better mentally.

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