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5 Reasons Why People are Turning to Alternative Medicine for Their Health Needs

Also known as new age, holistic, or complementary medicine, alternative medicine describes the age-old treatment procedures that are now considered to be outside of modern medicine.

Despite the connotations, many patients prefer alternative medicine to modern medicine. Some health care professionals may even use alternative medical methods with modern procedures to help their patients. Here are five reasons why people turn to alternative medicine for their health needs:

1. It’s natural

According to the American Cancer Society, alternative medicine appeals to patients because it makes use of the body’s natural healing abilities and won’t interfere with other forms of treatments and medications. For instance, acupuncture in Gainesville is beneficial for treating mild pain and nausea. Massages may help reduce stress or depression. Yoga and tai chi can improve the body’s balance, strength, and mobility. 

2. It doesn’t have harmful side effects

Modern medicine, specifically prescription drugs and other pharmacological treatments, contains chemicals. When you buy medicine, you find a paper along with the box or bottle listing the possible side effects. Most of these side effects are mild but some may include liver damage or even death.

3. It doesn’t trigger an addiction 

There are no chemical components to alternative medicine. Therefore, patients don’t develop the risk of dependency issues, as they may do when they take prescription pills. Some 52 million people use prescription drugs in the United States, and 20 percent of those are young people. Of these numbers, 14 percent have been tagged as critical for drug dependency, according to the National Institute of Drug Dependency

4. It can treat the root cause of the medical issue

Alternative medicine in Gainesville, FL does not just treat the symptoms of the disease. Most of the therapy involves understanding the condition and treating the root cause. Licensed alternative medicine therapists work hard to figure out what really ails the patient, rather than just simply reduce the pain associated with the condition. So the patient’s general health and wellness also improve significantly. 

5. It offers more options and flexibility 

Alternative medicine is based on what the patient needs. The approach is very personal, offering more options and flexibility that will bring more comfort to the patient. Mainstream medical treatments aren’t as flexible and accommodating.

Where to get acupuncture in Gainesville?

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