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Acupuncture for Fertility: What You Should Know

Infertility, or the inability to get pregnant, affects 10 percent or about 6.1 million  prospective mothers in the United States, according to the Office of Women’s Health. While some turn to traditional fertility treatments to fix this problem, a number of couples are considering alternative treatments like acupuncture to increase their chances of getting pregnant. 

Acupuncture, a type of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), involves the use of hair-thin needles embedded into the skin to stimulate and open the bodies’ energy points. These energy points balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person seeking treatment for different kinds of maladies.

For fertility acupuncture in Gainesville Fl, these hair-thin needles are concentrated on a person’s reproductive area to improve the energy flow.

How Acupuncture Helps With Fertility

Acupuncture, if used in conjunction with other fertility methods or traditional medicine, could:

  • Help increase the blood flow around the ovaries and uterus
  • Regulate the imbalance in the hormones
  • Relieve stress that could be affecting the patient’s fertility rate 

Research from the journal of Medicine showed that acupuncture may improve the ovulation of women diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which causes infertility. The ancient Chinese treatment may also equalize the hormone levels of a patient who take any medication to improve the health of her uterus.

A small study in the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies has found out that acupuncture can correct varicocele in men along with drinking herbal medicine. Apparently, with consistent sessions, a man’s scrotal temperature becomes more ideal for healthier sperm. 

A couple trying for IVF (in vitro fertilization) may also consult with both their acupuncturist in Gainesville and a reproductive doctor, especially before the embryo transfer, to help increase the chances of a successful conception. 

Both alternative and traditional medicine doctors agree that the biggest benefit of acupuncture is in reducing stress, which could bring positive pregnancy outcomes. 

What to Expect in a Fertility Acupuncture Session

The patient must first consult with a licensed acupuncturist in Gainesville before starting a session. It might help to provide the acupuncturist with the patient’s blood work, indicating the inability to conceive, or the diagnostic results of infertility, as well as an overview of the patient’s menstrual cycle, previous pregnancy incidence or fertility treatments, if any. Knowing these details will help the acupuncturist tailor a personal treatment plan that will be suited to the patient’s needs.

Fertility acupuncture treatment is carried out like any other session with the patient lying down comfortably on the acupuncture table as the acupuncturist inserts the needles. Sessions may take 60 minutes for the first procedure, but succeeding sessions might be done in half an hour. 

A study published in Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences showed that it took four acupuncture sessions for a male patient to improve the quality of his sperm. On the other hand, it took seven acupuncture sessions for a woman with ovarian cysts to become successfully pregnant.   

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acupuncture for fertility Gainesville 

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