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Common Reasons Why Older Women Seek Acupuncture Treatment

At this point, Baby Boomers, those born before 1964, and Gen X’ers, those born from 1965 to 1980, are experiencing all sorts of age-related health issues. Many turn to new modes of treatment which could help with their chronic conditions, burnout, and a myriad of health complications. One of these treatments is acupuncture. 

Studies show that acupuncture is beneficial to the health issues faced by today’s modern women, who are doing more things than ever before. They manage the household, or head corporations and government units, or run their own business, among other achievements.

According to experts in Chinese medicine in Gainesville, FL the following are the most common reasons why older women seek acupuncture treatments. 

1. Acupuncture brings balance to their state of health.

Today’s older women’s busy lifestyles make them more prone to various mental and physical health issues — migraines, chronic stress, menopause, and menstrual pain, musculoskeletal issues, and autoimmune diseases. Regular acupuncture treatments restore the body’s life force and energy balance. It clears the meridians that may be clogged leading to diseases, depression, and anxiety.

2. Acupuncture helps with their reproductive issues.

Women’s reproductive physiological makeup generally changes as they age. Those in menopausal or perimenopausal age experience many symptoms and discomforts that can be managed and relieved with acupuncture. 

In one study published in BMJ Journals, 70 women with menopausal issues tried acupuncture for six weeks and saw their symptoms significantly improve. The best part was that these women felt no adverse effects after the acupuncture treatment. 

Older women also have a harder time conceiving, so they try acupuncture. A study in the Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences has shown that this procedure may help balance a woman’s hormones, endocrine system, and functions of the ovaries to help with fertility. 

3. Acupuncture boosts their immune systems. 

According to experts in acupuncture in Gainesville, older women’s endorphins and hormones are often thrown out of order because of stress at work, home or business, and their social relationships. Many develop lower immunities because of this, but acupuncture can help their body relax and reduce their stress levels. It’s a great procedure for stress management.

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4. Acupuncture may help with weight loss efforts.

It’s a biological fact that women’s metabolisms slow down as they get older. Those in weight loss programs may benefit from acupuncture treatments to supplement their goals of reaching their ideal weight. Experts in the journal Obesity have learned that acupuncture is particularly helpful when paired with other weight loss treatments and lifestyle modifications among overweight women. 

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