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Health and Lifestyle Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Acupuncture

Much more than inserting hair-thin needles to specific areas in the body, acupuncture in Gainesville Fl is a healing procedure that has been imbibed in Asian culture for more than 2,500 years. It has been commonly used to diagnose, treat or prevent diseases, as well as improve a person’s health. 

Acupuncture corrects and restores the balance of energy that flows in the body. As such, it can benefit many types of disorders, pain, and illnesses. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, experts in Western medicine are only beginning to understand the benefits of acupuncture for many health conditions despite earlier studies proving its effectiveness in osteoarthritis, headache, back, and neck pain. 

If you’re undergoing acupuncture treatment and would like to maximize its benefits, our experts in Chinese medicine in Gainesville Fl shared the following helpful tips: 

1. Eat before you go to the acupuncture clinic. 

If you haven’t eaten before a workout, you won’t have the energy and endurance to last the sessions. Acupuncture works the same way so it’s advisable not to go to the treatment with an empty stomach. Your body will hold the treatment better if you’ve had a meal or a light snack.

2. Inform the therapist if you’ve had caffeine, alcohol or nicotine before the treatment.

Coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes can change your pulse and other indicators in your body that might be important during the assessment. It can also mess with your bodily awareness and impairs your senses, thus it’s best to cut back on coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes altogether, especially these last two vices since these are proven to be bad for your health. In fact, as supported by many sources, some people actually undergo acupuncture to help them quit smoking.

3. Be patient with your treatment. 

Take it easy for the first 48 hours after you’ve had acupuncture. Try not to overexert yourself at work or with physical activities as the acupuncture points have to be stimulated. Remember, the treatment doesn’t end when the needles are removed. Your body’s system takes its time to recalibrate, so be patient. 

4. Drink plenty of water after an acupuncture treatment.

It’s important to be hydrated as water can help release the toxins in your body. You’ll probably feel thirsty right after the treatment so don’t deprive your body of water. 

5. Get at least eight hours of sleep the night after the treatment.

Since you’re already taking it easy, you may as well go to sleep early the night after you’ve had your treatment. This will also help your body restore and recharge.

acupuncture Gainesville Fl

Where to Get Acupuncture in Gainesville, Fl?

If you are considering an acupuncture treatment and don’t know where to start or what to expect, our trained and friendly acupuncturist in Guan Acupuncture, Gainesville can help you ease your anxiety and answer all of your questions.

Talk to our world-class acupuncturist and experts in Chinese medicine in Gainesville Fl to get the best assessment and acupuncture options for your health needs. For more information, please Contact Us.

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