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How to Treat Tennis Elbow with Acupuncture

If you have tennis elbow, you know what a pain it can be. Tennis elbow is caused by inflammation of the tendon near the elbow. Despite its name, you don’t actually have to play tennis to have the condition. Any exercise or sport with overuse or repetitive movement of the arm or wrist can cause tennis elbow. 

There are various ways physicians can treat the condition, including steroid injections, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy. 

But what about Chinese medicine? Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat pain and inflammation. Many studies support acupuncture in the treatment of pain and inflammation. 

Many people don’t know that acupuncture can also help treat tennis elbow. It is a safe and effective option. 


What is Tennis Elbow?

As stated, tennis elbow is a form of tendonitis and causes inflammation of the soft tissues in the forearm. It occurs when the soft tissue and tendons that attach to the muscles and bone in the elbow become inflamed. 

With overuse, the tendons eventually become inflamed and may even tear. To promote healing, you might consider alternative medicine.


Can Acupuncture Help Heal Tennis Elbow?

Conservative treatment methods such as anti-inflammatory and cortisone shots can only temporarily help the pain and inflammation of tennis elbow. These methods do not help heal tennis elbow. Pain and inflammation eventually return. 

Acupuncture is different as it helps heal and repair the muscles and tendons that cause tennis elbow. Many people are surprised by the positive results of using acupuncture for treatment. 


How does Acupuncture Help with Tennis Elbow?

Chinese medicine in Gainesville, Fl, is an effective option that includes acupuncture. 

Acupuncture involves inserting thin, tiny needles into the area where you are experiencing pain and inflammation. The theory behind the effectiveness of acupuncture is that it unblocks the flow of energy (Chi or Qi). 

By restoring energy through these blocks, acupuncture can heal and sometimes reverse the area of the body that needs healing. In the case of tennis elbow, an acupuncturist will apply the needles, which will ultimately assist in healing the condition. 

It may also be true that the insertion of acupuncture needles stimulates endorphins which helps relieve pain naturally. Many patients are pleased as there are no side effects when you have acupuncture treatments. 

Understand, it can take several treatments before you notice relief. Your acupuncturist will customize a plan based on your specific symptoms. Just know it may take time and patience. If you follow the plan, you will likely have a positive outcome, relieving your pain and inflammation. 


Are there other Treatment Options for Tennis Elbow? 

Physical Therapy is another option that is effective for tennis elbow. You will learn exercises that help with mobility and pain by strengthening the muscles around the elbow. A physical therapist in Gainesville can work with you through multiple sessions and teach you exercises you can do at home. Combined with acupuncture, it can speed up healing of the condition. 

chinese medicine gainesville fl

If you are in Gainesville, acupuncture is an Option for you! 

Guan Physical Therapy and Acupuncture can help your tennis elbow by combining both Chinese medicine techniques and physical therapy in one place. It is a safe, natural alternative way to start healing, reducing pain and inflammation so you can find relief! 

We treat many areas of the body to address pain relief, including: 

Please contact us, whether to make an appointment or ask questions about how acupuncture can help you. 


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