Acupuncture Good For Wrist Pain

Is Acupuncture Effective for Hand and Wrist Pain?

There are several common causes of hand and wrist pain. These include carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, and tendonitis. Many patients often turn to modern medicine to manage hand and wrist pain symptoms, but alternative medicine can also be an effective treatment option.

One study found that hand and wrist pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, and osteoarthritis were effective and safe for pain reduction. 

This article will explore in more detail how acupuncture can be effective in the management of your hand and wrist pain. 


Is Acupuncture Good For Wrist Pain? 

When it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome, acupuncture is used for pain control and its anti-inflammatory properties. There are muscles and tendons in the forearm that are aggravated with carpal tunnel, and acupuncture can address these symptoms. 

Acupuncture is effective for pain control and anti-inflammatory symptoms in other common conditions, including:

  • De Quervain’s Tendonitis
  • Fractures
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Raynaud’s disease
  • Arthritis
  • Trigger finger

Patients also find acupuncture helpful in recovery after surgery if their condition requires surgical intervention. 


Is Acupuncture Good for Wrist Tendonitis?

Tendons are located through the forearm into the wrist and hands. Tendons allow muscles to flex, extend, and move the wrist and hands. 

Complications and uncomfortable symptoms emerge when the wrist, forearms, and hands are not aligned with proper coordination. Wrist movement can become limited and painful. Over time, certain tendons can be overworked, causing swelling and pain.

Acupuncture helps by addressing the anti-inflammatory effects, which improves wrist movement while also decreasing pain. It can also help with muscle coordination, improving movement through the hand and wrist with less restriction. 


What Pressure Points Relieve Wrist Pain?

Several acupressure points can be helpful, but some are common points that your acupuncturist may recommend. Our acupuncturist in Gainesville, Fl may suggest any combination depending on your diagnosis and symptoms. 


TW5 (Tripple Warmer)

This point is also known as the “outer gate.” It is located on your forearm, where the back of the palm is located. If you measure two and a half fingers from your wrist joint and feel for two large bones, you will feel TW5 in the middle. 

You can use your finger to help relieve pain by putting pressure on this point. It is helpful for patients with tendonitis and arthritis in the hand and wrist. 

P6 (Pericardium 6)

Measure two fingers from your wrist joint on the opposite side of TW5. You can find this point on the inner side of the forearm. Stimulation of this pressure point can help with discomfort for those with carpal tunnel syndrome. 

P7 (Pericardium 7)

This point is also referred to as “the great mound.” It is effective for relieving pain in the thumb and wrist. You can find it on the inner portion of the middle of your wrist crease at the bottom of the palm. 

It helps relieve pain caused by tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other conditions causing wrist pain. 

Would You Like More Information About Acupuncture?

Guan Physical Therapy and Acupuncture commonly treats musculoskeletal pain, including hand and wrist pain. Other common conditions we treat include

and more.

You can treat your pain without the need for painkillers, injections, or the risk of surgery. Through a combination of acupuncture treatments and physical therapy, most patients find relief from their painful musculoskeletal conditions. 

We also offer Chinese Medicine in Gainesville, Fl. 

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Acupuncture Good For Wrist Pain

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