Legacy Of Guan Acupuncture

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Guan Special Acupuncture Techniques developed through five generations are renowned in China and included in many Acupuncture Textbooks. Doctors Guan have published more than 15 acupuncture books with China's most prominent medical publishers.

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See the picture above for the official publication of China’s National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Nov. 11, 2014. It named China’s Top Ten Acupuncture Families whose heritages were to be preserved and promoted with public funding. Guan Family with Special Acupuncture Techniques is ranked 3rd. (Update in 2019: only seven out of the original ten families met the national standards and will be kept on the list.)


Dr. Zunhui Guan

Dr. Zunhui Guan

Weiwei’s father
The fourth-generation physician of the Guan family
One of the most influential acupuncturists in China.



Dr. Zunhui Guan is one of the most influential Chinese medicine physicians specializing in acupuncture. He was an orthopedic physician in training and learned acupuncture from his father. he was the founding chief of Department of Acupuncture at Kunming Hospital of TCM, a large hospital with 1,700 beds, and a full professor at Yunnan University of TCM, an university with more than 10,000 currently enrolled students. He has authored more than 14 acupuncture books and traveled the world to teach classes to acupuncturists in China, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and the US. His students are practicing Guan Special Acupuncture Techniques at more than 50 clinics in eight countries.

As a prominent physician, he has been reported regularly by media and appeared on TV as a guest. The nationally popular Beijing TV’s Health Channel (养生堂) dedicated an one-hour episode to him on July 01, 2013. (Click here to watch the video.)

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Dr. Zunhui Guan appeared as the guest expert on Beijing TV’s Popular “Health Channel” (养生堂)on July 1st, 2013

Dr. Zunhui Guan has published many acupuncture books. Weiwei co-authored some of them . Below is a list of the books. The more recent one are available for purchasing on line.

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Dr. Zunhui Guan

Dr. Zhengzhai Guan(1901-1980) 



Weiwei’s grandfather
The third-generation physician of the Guan family
One of the most famous acupuncture practitioners of his generation.

After graduating from Peking University and studing in Japan, Dr. Zhengzhai Guan retruned to China to practice medicine. He co-founded China’s very first national acupuncture association in the 1930 and was one of the founding editors of China’s first acupuncture journal that was published in 1933.

When Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was established in 1960, he was the founding chair of the Department of Acupuncture and wrote the acupuncture textbooks. Today the university has more than 10,000 students and 1,200 faculty and staff members.

Among other seminal developments to acupuncture, he invented the tongue acupuncture techniques that are widely used to treat brain diseases.

管氏针灸第三代传人管正斋(1901-1980),主任医师,教授,著名针灸学家。出身中医世家,北京大学毕业,官费留学日本。20世纪30年代曾为“中国针灸学研究社”创建人之一。中华人民共和国成立后,先后担任云南中医进修学校、云南省“西医学习中医研究班”、云南省中医研究班教师。 受聘于云南中医学院,担任《内经》、《针灸学》教学。对经络辨证,针刺手法,舌针,耳针,过梁针,子午流注,灵龟八法等均有创新和发展,奠定了管氏针灸学术流派的理论基础

Dr. Zhengzhai Guan Book 1
China’s first Acupuncture Journal that Dr. Zhengzhai Guan Edited in 1933
Dr. Zhengzhai Guan Book 2
Acupuncture Textbook that Dr. Zhengzhai Guan Authored in 1960
Dr. Zhengzhai Guan Book 3
The Book that Dr. Zunhui Guan Wrote to document Dr. Zhengzhai Guan’s academic and clinical experience

Dr. Zunhui Guan

Dr. Qingxin Guan(1864-1939)

Weiwei’s great-grandfather
The second-generation physician of the Guan family
Well-known in Shangdong Province for his achievement in using acupuncture to treat women’s health problems.


dr. guan

Guan Family Motto: Hand-written by Dr. Qingxin Guan in 1910.
It says that all physicians in the Guan family should strive to become great doctors with excellent skills and always be humble, honest, ethical, and diligent. To achieve this goal, they should be studious, curious and hard working.

Dr. Jiadai Guan (1844-1912)

Weiwei’s great-great-grandfather
The first-generation physician of the Guan family
Founder of Guan Special Acupuncture.


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