Neurological Problems

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Stop the nagging pain and sleep better at night without the nasty side effects of pain killers.

The neurological problems that we see regularly include dizziness/vertigo and the following conditions that are caused by impinged nerves.

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Lasting Shingles Pain (postherpetic neuralgia)
  • Meralgia Paresthetica

Both physical therapy and acupuncture can treat dizziness or vertigo but almost of all of our patients prefer acupuncture over PT. PT treatment of dizziness/vertigo includes exercises that invoke the symptoms to desensitize the vestibular system. It is effective but the process is uncomfortable. Acupuncture restores the vestibular and other balance systems by stimulating the nerve system with needling inserted at acupoints. The treatment does not invoke the symptoms so patients feel much more comfortable. Once the dizziness or vertigo symptoms are alleviated, therapeutical exercises can be added to ensure the patients regain strength and balance to prevent dangerous falls.

If you have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, you probably have not slept well for a long period of time. The trigeminal nerve is impinged. Sometimes even a simple touch on the face or a cold breeze could create excruciating pain. You have been on anti-convulsant. They may have worked initially but have lost effectiveness and the side effects are ruining your quality of life. You think surgery may be the only option to get rid of the pain. Dr. Zunhui Guan conducted a clinical trial to compare the effectiveness of acupuncture and medication on trigeminal neuralgia. The results showed that acupuncture was more effective than medication.

In Bell’s palsy, the facial nerve controlling your facial muscles becomes inflamed and swollen — usually related to a viral infection and paralyzes those facial muscles. Besides facial muscles, the nerve affects tears, saliva, taste and a small bone in the middle of your ear. Living with Bell’s Palsy is a painful experience. While it does not hurt physically but its effect on your face is embarrassing. The doctor probably has told you that it is temporary and will go away in weeks or months by itself. However, you just want to get rid of it ASAP. It is ruining your social life. You avoid going out with friends. Life is not as fun as before.

Paralyzed muscles can shrink and shorten, causing permanent contractures. Acupuncture can stimulate nerves and muscles, which may offer some relief or accelerate the recovery process. A physical therapist can teach you how to massage and exercise your facial muscles to help prevent this from occurring.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by the impingement of the median nerve and causes pain, numbness, and tingling in the hand and arm. Both physical therapy and acupuncture have been proven to be effective in treating carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lasting Shingles Pain is called postherpetic neuralgia by the doctors. It’s caused by nerve damage left behind by a case of shingles. I have had shingles myself and know how painful it is. I was lucky that I only had a small area that was affected and the pain and symptoms went away quickly after taking antiviral drugs. For other people, especially seniors, there is a higher risk of lingering pain. My father-in-law suffered from the pain for months. He had a much larger area that expanded from his back to his arm and chest. He tried all kinds of painkillers in two months but none worked. He could not sleep and was always very irritable. Finally he listen to his wife asked my father to help. After receiving acupuncture treatment for about 4 months he says that his pain is 99% gone. There is a tiny area the size of a penny on his arm that still hurts a little bit. But if he does not try hard to pay attention he would not even notice it. I will update on his progress.

Meralgia Paresthetica is a neurological condition that causes numbness, tingling, and sometimes pain in the outer thigh. It’s usually not serious. Meralgia paresthetica happens when a nerve, known as the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, becomes compressed. Most patients full recover in 6-12 acupuncture sessions.

Look what others say about the specialty treatments from Guan Physical Therapy and Acupuncture

Gail Basker, 60s, Gainesville, FL
Suffered from Hip Pain

“i couldn’t step up on a sidewalk without pain in my right hip. i went to the Orthopedics and I was told I had sciatic and should wear a back belt and take Aleeve twice a day. Wei Wei was recommended by some friends and she said you have one leg longer than the other. She did some physical therapy and accupuncture. after 2 sessions the sharp pain was gone. She is very good. “

Sheila Inniss, late 60s, Gainesville, FL
Suffered from knee pain and gastrointestinal reflux

“I recently had a total knee replacement and suffered with gastrointestinal reflux for many years. Under her care with both needles and herbs, I am happy to report that my reflux has disappeared, and I no longer take the herbs. Also, the needles were instrumental in relieving pains associated with arthritis and post knee surgery.

Dr Guan is very amiable but professional. I felt very comfortable in her presence and looked forward to our sessions, anticipating relief from my pains. I will continue to seek her help and have recommended her to several friends who now share my high opinion of her. “

Raffelle St John, 60, Palm Beach, FL
Suffered from constipation

“Hi Weiwei, I am Tia’s very happy mother! I appreciate what you have done for me! Over thirty years of constipation and after trying countless remedies from high fiber diet, magnesium, prunes, beets, Vit C powder, many practitioners with many herbs, fibers, probiotics, prebiotics , cleanses, colonics, chiropractors, all of no avail. The only thing left to try was the prescribed medication from my doctor. The possible side effects were not worth the risk so I was feeling discouraged. I was hesitant to try one more thing, but my daughter spoke so highly of you. With a cabinet full of expensive jars and bottles of products, I stepped out and ordered the herbs that you formulated just for me. This was my last ditch effort before having to live on prescription medication. It worked!!!!

I don’t know how to describe how wonderful it is to feel like a normal human being! My digestion has never been so good. I can eat things that I wouldn’t dare touch like cheese, bread, and I even tried a little meat and I cannot believe the transit time! 24 hours! Most days I am going 1-3 times in the morning for a complete evacuation. Wow! It’s been 21/2 weeks and I never felt better!
When I finish these herbs, please let me know what to order for maintenance. I’ve actually learned to enjoy having my ‘special tea’! “

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