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Look who else started with a simple converstion with us (and look how happy they are now…)

Pilar Doran, 50s, Gainesville, FL

Suffered from Neck and Shoulder Pain

“I’ve had a wonderful experience as a new patient of Dr. Guan’s.  During my initial two sessions in her beautiful new facility, Dr. Guan has spent adequate time assessing and discussing my symptoms and developing a holistic treatment plan that combines her comprehensive expertise in the areas of physical therapy, acupuncture and herbal medicine. It’s impressive to get my first acupuncture treatments (which were not painful at all and very relaxing) from a 5th generation Chinese medicine expert – what a heritage!
Her practice is equipped with state of the art equipment that is used in her treatment approach, which has proven to be unique and highly effect.  For my neck and upper back problems, the neck stretching machine is outstanding! Her treatments have made a huge difference! I highly recommend Dr. Guan!”

Gail Basker, 60s, Gainesville, FL
Suffered from Hip Pain

“I couldn’t step up on a sidewalk without pain in my right hip. i went to the Orthopedics and I was told I had sciatic and should wear a back belt and take Aleeve twice a day. Wei Wei was recommended by some friends and she said you have one leg longer than the other. She did some physical therapy and accupuncture. after 2 sessions the sharp pain was gone. She is very good. “

Sheila Inniss, late 60s, Gainesville, FL
Suffered from knee pain and gastrointestinal reflux

“I recently had a total knee replacement and suffered with gastrointestinal reflux for many years.  Under her care with both needles and herbs, I am happy to report that my reflux has disappeared, and I no longer take the herbs.  Also, the needles were instrumental in relieving pains associated with arthritis and post knee surgery.
Dr Guan is very amiable but professional.  I felt very comfortable in her presence and looked forward to our sessions, anticipating relief from my pains.  I will continue to seek her help and have recommended her to several friends who now share my high opinion of her. “

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