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What You Should Know Before Getting Acupuncture

Acupuncture in Gainesville, Fl has its origins in ancient and traditional Chinese medicine. While it is regarded as an alternative form of treatment for physical, mental, and even emotional pain, it has become widely adopted and practiced in the West.

Despite this, however, it’s common for many patients going through acupuncture for the very first time to have no idea what to expect from a session. Here’s what you should know before you get acupuncture from our acupuncturist in Gainesville.

1. You need to eat at least two hours before the treatment.

It’s best not to get acupuncture with an empty stomach as it might make you feel lightheaded or depleted physically. The hunger pangs might also distract you from the treatment. It’s also not recommended to go for acupuncture immediately after a heavy meal as it may also bring some discomfort. The ideal guideline is to eat the appropriate amount of food two hours before you go to the acupuncturist, according to the American Institute of Alternative Medicine.

2. You need to skip coffee and alcohol.

As much as possible, avoid coffee on the day you’re going for a session because this drink is a stimulant that increases your body’s sympathetic nerve activity, according to a study published in the Circulation journal. The acupuncturist might also have a hard time getting an accurate assessment of your heart rate and pulse.

Consequently, alcohol delivers the opposite effect as it can numb your senses when the goal of this treatment is to make you feel more aware of your body’s energy. Hence, it is not advisable to drink alcohol before going to the acupuncturist.

3. You may have to take off your clothes.

Similar to massages, the acupuncturist might ask you to remove your clothes to access areas in your body for the proper treatment. However, wearing loose clothing allows it to be easily rolled up, should the acupuncturist need to reach the right pressure points that are usually covered.

The acupuncturist might also ask you to show your tongue or they might press your abdomen repeatedly. Similar to reflexology, these methods are part of their physical examination to determine the best course of treatment. They might also ask questions about your bowel movements or menstrual cycle. Don’t feel embarrassed by this as the more details you provide, the more accurate the diagnosis will be.

4. You can get acupuncture even if you have a fever or a cold coming.

Some patients cancel their sessions if they think that they’re developing a cold or fever. However, the treatment might actually help relieve the illness and boost the body’s immune system to fend off the infection.

In fact, acupuncture can help increase your body’s immune-enhancing hormones up to 3 days after the session. It may shorten the length of your cold or fever, as well as clear your nasal congestion and ease your sore throat or cough.

5. Acupuncture needles are super thin.

It’s not unusual to find snoring patients at an acupuncture treatment center because they feel relaxed and comfortable even with the needles poking on their skin. This is because these needles are a lot thinner and more flexible than hypodermic needles used in injections. These needles are also not reused.

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Where to Find the best acupuncturist in Gainesville?

If you are considering an acupuncture treatment and don’t know where to start or what to expect, our trained and friendly acupuncturist in Guan Acupuncture, Gainesville, Fl can help you ease your anxiety and answer all of your questions. Talk to our world-class acupuncturist to get the best assessment and acupuncture options for your health needs. For more information, please Contact Us.

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